Friday, August 23, 2019
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Moulshree Srivastav

A sleep enthusiast trying to stay awake through words in this world. Prefers bookstores over Kindle, cheeseburst over pancrust and dogs over humans. Basically, a curious muggle still awaiting her Hogwarts letter.

Must Read


Kryptos– The Mystery That Not Even The Smartest People Have Been Able To Solve...

Ever sat with a puzzle that’s so intriguing but so brain-wrecking that you end up spending most of the day on it? Well that’s...
Watch Movies Alone

Breakfast Babble: It Is Not Weird If I Like To Watch Movies Alone

Breakfast Babble: ED’s own little space on the inter-webs where we gather to discuss ideas and get pumped up for the day. We judge things...

Changing Perspectives Towards Employability Through UNSW’s India Open Day 

Education is dynamic. With the evolution of better technology, better tools and changing needs of the world we exist in, brick and mortar education...