Dibakar Banerjee is considered among the best filmmakers in the country and he has been recently going on an interview spree for his upcoming film Love Sex Aur Dhokha 2. Banerjee has in a lot of interviews recently dropped some truth bombs about Indian cinema, his film, politics, the current scene of censorship and outside threats.

During an appearance at the Dostcast podcast, Dibakar commented on why his film is not bold or edgy. In another interview with Cinema Express he commented on how it feels when a film is stalled, the current face of patriarchy, the prominence of certain tropes in Indian films, and more.

On the same podcast, he also talked about what he found while researching social media and online content creators, algorithms that digital platforms use and more.

He spoke about how “Gradually, over time, I fooled my algorithm. Maine usse yeh jata diya ke main Hindu rashtravaadi right-winger hoon (I convinced it that I am a right-wing Hindu nationalist). And now I know everything that’s going on that side. The most dangerous people are the fence-sitters, they’re just waiting to pounce on people.”

Here we take a look at some of his most buzzworthy quotes recently:

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