The Lok Sabha elections for 2024 have started from 19th April and will go on till 1st June covering the entire country in seven phases.

Considered to be among the largest-ever elections in history, the voting process has started and people have already started to put in their vote. The different political parties are still campaigning, trying to appeal to voters and secure their votes, the voters are looking at the candidates and finalising whom they want to vote for.

However, in the midst of all this, a polling officer from Uttar Pradesh has ended up going viral on social media, what is the cause for her going viral though?

Who Is Going Viral?

A polling officer from Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur district has recently been going viral on social media after a clip showing her unyielding determination for her job was posted online.

The officer called Isha Arora was stationed to supervise the voting process in the Gangoh assembly constituency, but according to clips going viral, the people caught notice of her dedication and punctuality, applauding it.

Arora, an employee at the State Bank of India is posted at Mahangi village in Gangoh assembly constituency and as per one X/Twitter user is “serving as the first polling officer at Garhi village’s polling booth”.

Arora especially emphasised the importance of punctuality in such matters and told ANI news, “I think that if you get any duty, you should be punctual and that’s the reason I have assumed my duty on time.”

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Several people posted clips of her diligently working at her job as a first polling officer and admired her focus and determination in it.

Speaking with ANI about her going viral, Arora commented “I didn’t get time to watch it (comments) in the video. It’s election time, and it was my duty to come on time, hence I was busy. It went viral due to my punctuality and devotion.”

Some people, however, did not understand the hype for Arora specifically with a few users online commenting on how she is not the only polling officer who is diligent and that there are 100s of other officers who are also completing their duties with dedication. Some also insinuated that Arora only went viral because she is a good-looking woman.

However, most people have only good words, applauding an officer doing their job.

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