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Why Were 4 Teenage Girls Fighting In The Middle Of The Road In Viral Video


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of street fights? Usually, a bunch of men fighting over something or other right? Even if there are women present and taking part in the fighting, usually such incidents tend to occur between adults.

Whether due to road rage, accidents, some personal issue or more, extremely violent street fights occur between adults.

But in this bizarre twist, videos ended up going viral of four teenage girls getting into a very violent fight in the middle of a street in Noida.

What Was The Fight About?

The video went viral on several social media platforms and one user posting it on X/Twitter wrote “Despite the presence of police, nobody attempted to break up the fight between these girls in the middle of the road. What are the authorities now doing?”

As per reports, the videos showed 4 teenage girls fighting in pairs of two in a very fierce manner where they were pulling each other’s hair, fistfighting, punching, throwing each other on the ground, and more.

The incident occurred in Uttar Pradesh’s Noida region and videos started to pop up on social media on Saturday last week that is 27th April 2024.

According to a Hindustan Times report, the police station in-charge revealed that the girls were from Class 9 and 10 and were sisters. They’d reportedly been having an argument related to comments on Instagram reels for some time which eventually escalated on Saturday.

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They, according to reports, decided to meet at the Biodiversity Park in Sector-93, Noida to hash things out, however, the matter got violent and a fight broke out among the four. It is not yet clear how the fight was broken up or what happened afterwards, whether any police action was taken or not.

Many people did comment on why the police were not intervening and stopping the fight with someone writing “Police Bhai Saheb is making a reel. Just saw this news, and now I have no other wish left. Also, why is no one intervening? Especially the police.”

To this others replied saying that one reason for this could be the absence of female officers present and since the ones fighting were girls, male officers intervening could be seen as wrong.

One user replied with a reason why the police officers were not intervening and wrote “That is true. A female police personnel wasn’t there. That innocent policeman saved him by not touching them. They could’ve imposed several gender biased laws on him.”

Another commented, “There should be a woman police officer, maybe male police officers are waiting for them I think it’s right not to enter by police officers directly Otherwise if a male police officer tries to resolve, then we write, in absence of female police officer male police take actions”.

Other comments on the video itself said, “WWE is going to get some new superstars,” while another wrote, “New generation taking all cautions for their future.”

One comment on the reason for the fight being Instagram reel wrote “Now it seems that the government will have to make a new law on these ‘reels’ too, that too more strict than the law on drug addiction,” and another said, “50% of the young men and women in India are making their career in making reels and dancing which is dangerous for the coming generation.”

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