Nisha Bangre, a former IAS has been in the news recently after she resigned from the Congress party when not given a ticket for the 2024 Lok Sabha election. Bangre was a former deputy collector in Madhya Pradesh and has been denied a ticket twice, once for the current upcoming elections and previously for the state assembly elections.

Speaking with Indian Express, Nisha Bangre revealed several things, how her party betrayed her and that politics is not for the faint of heart.

Bangre spoke about how former state president Kamal Nath had been the leader in Congress approaching her, however, Nath didn’t give her a ticket and it got worse when Nath resigned from his position and the party dissolved most of the positions created during his tenure.

Bangre also apparently revealed that she would be open to joining the BJP like many others saying “I am thinking on those lines.”

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Congress, however, has denied all of Bangre’s statements and claimed that they gave her many responsibilities. A Congress spokesperson stated “People joining the party cannot come without the condition of getting a ticket. They have to work hard and she was given responsibilities. It takes time to build a career in politics. We supported her through her struggle. If she wants to leave, we can’t stop her.”

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