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“Nobody Can Help You,” Prashant Kishor On Rahul Gandhi And Congress


Prashant Kishor, a political and election strategist recently sat down with PTI (Press Trust of India) for an interview and dropped a lot of statements about Congress, BJP, and the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

He spoke very candidly about his experience of working with Congress and why he opposed their proposal to form an Empowered Action Group (EAG).

According to Kishor, an EAG would not be effective in improving the party’s constitutional body saying that “How an EAG can reform its constitutional body like the Congress Working Committee, he said. It is like a PA’s office working on a plan to reform the chairperson’s functioning.”

He also spoke about Rahul Gandhi and how he should step aside if he is unable to win referring to how his mother did something similar when she let P V Narasimha Rao take charge in 1991 after her husband Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination.

Kishor also spoke about how the opposition had failed to make use of the time when the BJP was struggling in assembly polls, not focusing on regions where they lost, dynasty politics and more.

Here are some of the things Prashant Kishor said:

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As per reports, Kishor also talked about how even though Gandhi had, after his resignation as the Congress president post the 2019 polls defeat, said he would let someone else take charge, however, that did not happen properly.

The strategist even commented that apparently, several party leaders claimed they could not make decisions in the party without approval from “XYZ,” seemingly referring to Rahul Gandhi.

He also spoke about how Gandhi should not be adamant about delivering for the party alone even all his failures and that the Congress party is more than just him with other leaders and supporters and pointed out that the Congress party struggled with “structural” flaws leading to its lack of success.

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