Watch: Prashant Kishor And Why He Is Called A Master Strategist

Prashant Kishor has been the brains behind several electoral victories. His wins include the general elections of 2014, supporting BJP and the latest one being the Bengal Assembly Elections, supporting TMC.

Born in the village of Rohtas district in Bihar, he eventually shifted to Buxar, where he completed his secondary education.

According to reports he started his career by working for BJP pro bono. He held no office in the winning government and had no rank in BJP.

What makes him a force to reckon with? Why do the parties supported by him win the elections? These are some of the questions we answer in the video above.

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Let us know why you think Prashant ‘PK’ Kishor is a mastermind in the electoral campaign boardroom.

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Sources: Indian Express, News18, Hindustan Times

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