Watch: Festivals Similar To Holi From Around The World

Festivals celebrating the triumph of light over darkness, the arrival of spring, and the renewal of life can be found in various cultures around the world, each with its unique customs and traditions.

One such vibrant celebration akin to India’s colourful Holi is the Spanish festival of La Tomatina, held annually in Buñol, Valencia. La Tomatina, often referred to as the world’s largest food fight, sees participants joyously hurling ripe tomatoes at each other, transforming the streets into a sea of red.

Similarly, Japan’s Hanami festival, though not a direct parallel to Holi, shares the theme of celebrating the arrival of spring. During Hanami, people gather under cherry blossom trees to admire their beauty, enjoying picnics and festivities as they revel in the transient nature of life and the fleeting beauty of the blossoms.

In Italy, the Carnevale di Venezia echoes Holi’s exuberance with its elaborate masks, colourful costumes, and lively processions. Dating back to the Middle Ages, this carnival is a spectacular display of creativity and revelry, where participants immerse themselves in music, dance, and theatrical performances, filling the streets of Venice with a sense of enchantment and wonder.

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Let’s take a look at some more festivals similar to Holi from around the world.

These festivals, though diverse in their origins and practices, all serve as joyous occasions for communities to come together, celebrate life, and embrace the spirit of renewal and unity.

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