The festival of Holi is fast approaching and people have already made plans to go back to their hometowns and celebrate the festival with their family and friends. Unfortunately, many such plans have to be cancelled because the Indian Railways has cancelled more than 400 trains right before Holi.

Netizens of Bihar, Bengal, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh are particularly going to find this fervent cancellation of trains problematic as trains are the most used and most convenient form of transportation in those states.

Cancelled Trains

In addition to the Humsafar Express from Anand Vihar Terminal to Gorakhpur and the Jharkhand Express from Hatia to Anand Vihar Terminal, other trains from Barauni to New Delhi, Howrah Junction to Jabalpur, Lucknow to Patliputra, and Barauni to New Delhi have been cancelled, according to the railways.

Similar cancellations include the Express Special between Gorakhpur and Chapra, the Superfast Express between Chandigarh and Amritsar, the Kumbh Express between Howrah and Dehradun, and the Mahabodhi Express between New Delhi and Gaya.

The Indian Railways says that 354 trains have been completely cancelled whereas 53 trains have been partially cancelled. While 25 trains have been rescheduled, 49 routes have been diverted.

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Other than the cancelled plans, this decision has also affected the rail traffic in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal.


Indian Railways is taking all necessary efforts to guarantee the safety and wellbeing of its passengers as the festival of Holi approaches. The railway officials are preventing overcrowding and discomfort to passengers before Holi 2023 by cancelling, diverting, and operating special trains on a few lines.

To check the status of your train, visit NTES.

Did your plans also get cancelled due to the sudden change in the railway schedule? How are you now planning to spend your holiday? Do tell us in the comment sections.

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