With it being January, many places in northern India are blanketed under snow, making them feel like a winter paradise.

While there are surely problems that come with such heavy winters, especially to the common people, there are also ways that many organisations and people try to distract from all that with aesthetic images and videos.

For the past few days, Indian Railways’ official Twitter account has been sharing images and videos of snow-covered railway stations that certainly look as if they came out of a fantasy movie. One particular video, that of a train entering the Sadura Railway Station at Baramulla in Jammu and Kashmir being covered with snow is kind of going viral because of how beautiful it looks.

Beyond this, the Indian Railways Twitter account has been on a sort of spree almost sharing clips and photos of different railway stations that are covered with snow and looking beautiful.

Other people also had been sharing beautiful images and videos of snow-covered Indian railway stations especially from the Kashmir region, or they got the inspiration after this post.

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Banihal Railway station in Kashmir Valley

Srinagar Railway station

Toy Train Kalka-Shimla Section

Pattan Railway station

Indian Railways Snow-Covered

Panzgom Railway Station

Indian Railways Snow-Covered

These are truly some winter paradises almost and can certainly make one feel as if they are entering some magical land.

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: India Today, Hindustan Times, The Indian Express

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