Watch: Five Haunted Railway Stations In India

Do you feel eerie when you pass by a railway station? India has been a site of haunted architecture for centuries. From oral traditions to local exaggeration, haunted stories have become more believable as each day passes.

Many have stated their real physical experiences that are very plausible than a mere bluff. Can so many people experience paranormal activities at the same station?

Most haunted places always have a background story of one person who unjustly died. The pain and suffering make them return to these places as spirits. Other haunted tales state how souls cannot leave the earth because of their fondness for a person.

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The five haunted stations listed here have impeccable background stories. From the souls of martyrs killed in the Naini Jail strolling around by the Naini station in Uttar Pradesh to shrieks of an invisible woman heard in Sohagpur station in Madhya Pradesh, all of the stories will give you goosebumps.

When you visit these stations in India, be careful! The spirits might steal your luggage or you!

Comment below if you have ever visited a haunted station.

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