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The most expensive, but the BEST therapy session is travelling. The only thing we don’t need a cure for is wanderlust.

Feeling depressed? Don’t have anyone to talk to? Just go out. Spend some time with yourself, in your favourite place, and see the magic. See how that rejuvenates your mental peace. Because travelling does not only mean what Zoya Akhtar showed in ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. Going to Spain with friends, scuba diving, skydiving, beautiful hotels and so on. You need plenty, plenty of cash for that.

And even if you don’t have that, you can still just go out for a drive. There has to be that one spot in the place you live, where you are comfortable, find peace, and where you can be you. Yes, just like they show in Hollywood rom-coms.

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My Instagram reels are full of gorgeous Alps in Switzerland; Kashmir’s Gulmarg; and those isolated houses in the middle of nowhere, with just greenery around, mountains in the north and the smell of rain everywhere. This is the only thing which keeps me going, to work harder. So that I can travel. Travel the world. With my family, with my friends, even alone. 

I wish there was a job which paid us for travelling. I would have been richer than Bernard Arnault. 

Whenever you go to visit any historical place, the Taj Mahal, Red Fort for example, have you seen those foreigners with just a backpack, travelling the whole country, discovering new places, and living the best life. 

So my fellow hodophiles, I wish all your dreams of travelling places, having adventures, creating lifetime memories, getting lost and finding yourself again, come true.

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