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Most of us do say that we are our topmost priority. But is that really the case? Or is it just words? 

I firmly believe making yourself your first priority isn’t synonymous with being selfish, as most people would say. Most of the time, we tend to do things we don’t want to do, be it because of peer pressure, to fit in, to be accepted, or because the other person might feel bad if we don’t do a certain thing they want us to do. 

The last reason is very dangerous. I mean, for most of us, saying NO is such a hefty task. I can’t say no either. The reason being that I’ll hurt the other person. What if they think I am selfish? What if they think I am a bad person? What if they never talk to me again? And so on and so forth.

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We tend to sacrifice our own choices for others. We tend to lose our own happiness, and mental peace for others. Why? Just to have people around us. Period. 

But for how long? I am sure, we don’t want to regret our decisions in the future. I wish I had done this. I wish I had listened to myself. I wish I had chosen this path. I wish I had turned a deaf ear to what people were saying and done what I wanted to do. I wish. 

We don’t want to live in regrets. Do we? No, am not saying that the opinion of the people who know you the most, who truly care for you and want only your well-being doesn’t matter.

Of course, it does. But that doesn’t mean you stop listening to yourself. That doesn’t mean you do things half-heartedly, only because you don’t want to hurt your loved ones, and they’ll be hurt if you don’t listen to them.

Here comes the art of communicating. Here comes the art of putting your point of view on the table, without hesitating, without the fear of getting judged. Yes, it is an art, and it takes time to build it, so please don’t be harsh on yourself if you aren’t able to master it at the first go. 

The greatest art of all time is the art of saying NO. To uphold your beliefs, and your principles. It is absolutely okay to be different, to think differently from others, to have different opinions. But what is not okay, is to mould yourself the way people want, and you don’t. 

Prioritise yourself and you’ll be happy. 

That’s my mantra.

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