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Hailing from the city of Nawabs, there is no delicacy as important as good non-veg food in my life. Having grown up with dishes like Tunday Kebabs and Idrees ki Biryani being a regular affair, I’m a total foodie.

But life turned sour last year, when I shifted to Delhi for my graduation. Forget Awadhi Cuisine, the eating joints near my place can’t even make a decent kebab roll.

And it is absolutely alright if you do not know how to make one but please, please don’t deceive innocent people by selling crappy food in the name of Awadhi/Mughlai Cuisine.

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Once during my initial days in the capital city, when I had no idea how bad the food could be, I very excitedly ordered a bowl of mutton biryani for myself after a tiring day at college. After waiting for about an hour for the Zomato delivery guy, what I received was an utter disappointment.

Stale rice served with salted mutton pieces and garnished with coriander and curd is NOT what I call a bowl of mutton biryani, sir. Ugh.

After gulping down my rage instead of hot food that day, I learnt a lesson the hard way: don’t fall for random eating joints selling stale and inedible food in the name of ‘Lucknawi Biryaani’ and ‘Tunday Kebabs’. They are an absolute farce.

Now, this does not mean you won’t get good Mughlai food in all of Delhi, but yes, not without it burning a hole in your pocket.

These shops are either extremely expensive or happen to be just really far away from Central Delhi like the famous non-veg eateries near Jama Masjid.

So if you’re a student or a hosteller like me, these options aren’t so feasible. I’ll rather wait for my favorite non-veg outlets in Lucknow shift to Delhi someday.

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