Watch: Myths About Girls Coming From All-Girls’ Schools

Drama queen. Snobby. Mean. Bitchy.

These are some typical stereotypes that are associated with girls that study in all-girls’ schools.

People generally have a weird perception about girls who go to these institutions and tend to ask them even weirder questions regarding the same.

‘Do you even know how to talk to guys without being awkward around them?’

‘School must be so boring without boys, no?’

‘How do you even find yourself a date? Or are you interested in only seeing girls now, eh?

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Forgive me, but only because my school environment lacks anyone my own age with a Y chromosome, does not make me a lesbian. (Sigh!)

Having been at the receiving end of such mindless questions for many years now, I have tried to debunk some of the most popular myths associated with all-girls’ schools and their attendees in the video below:

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Odyssey, Feminism in India + more

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