Our sense of dressing creates a huge impact on our society. But in a lot of cases, it is this sense of style and our clothes which determine a lot. It’s quite splendid, how we tend to attach connotations to one’s clothing also.

Life of a cross-dresser is somewhere stuck in this confusion and stigma. The duality of one’s sex and the clothing attached to it is what makes cross-dressing a form of uncensored self-expression for some.

Art forms like Drag have also developed which are a different genre altogether.

But with the amount of stigma attached to it, seems a long battle still lies ahead.

Let’s have a look at the concept of crossdressing-

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Let’s hope in the coming times the stigma around cross dressing reduces and we see many more Drag queens and kings accept this passion without hesitating.

Sources: Wikipedia, Kamat, Verve Magazine

Image Source: Google Images

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