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It is a well-known fact that leaving home is an emotional thing but at the same time, it is a journey towards a new adventure.

Being a new college student is definitely a task because we are not used to seeing people running a marathon.

I am not a Delhiite. I faced a lot of issues when I joined college, one of them was to choose a college roommate. The right choice can lead to lifelong friendship and happiness. But if it’s not the right person, your life can surely be a mess.

But there are certain issues that you might have to face while living with a complete stranger.

It can be a difficult task to live with strangers.

Fear of rejection

It is true that when we are talking to our friends, we know that they won’t ignore us. But while talking to a stranger, you don’t know whether they will smile or ignore you.

I always felt awkward to ask about small little things. I didn’t know how to ask about things without offending them.

I have had roommates who didn’t talk much, you really need to talk when you are with someone in close quarters.

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Respecting the space is important

There are times when we come across people who just don’t respect the personal space of others. People who have experienced life in a dorm room know the shock of how one small issue can hit like a tornado.

A little tidiness goes a long way, it will make you value each other and the space that you have been given. You might have to deal with people who don’t have any idea about how it is to respect the personal space.

If you don’t find the right people, you would want to live alone.

Being a good friend

It is hard to adjust to the new lifestyle once you are a college student. It is possible that your roommate is also facing the same, this is where you can be a good friend.

There will be times when you might not get along. But if you are friends with each other, it is an amazing feeling to know that someone is there to help you.

The phone- A problem

You can’t talk on call while someone is sleeping or studying. This is one thing that the roommates should always be careful about.

I have had roommates who liked staying up late at night and talk on their phone. This kind of pissed me at times because I like to sleep early. This can be a great reason for conflicts.

I agree that it can be a real task to live with strangers but this is how you learn to adjust and grow.

Leave your thoughts in the comments of what you have learned from living with a roommate?

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  1. As we live now or then somehow we have to get along n it’s better than later so as to prevent many awkward situations…n more over they become the ones whom we get to be close!!


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