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Whether you’re travelling in the metro or taking a shared ride back home from work, you must’ve noticed how the people around you are so eager to peep into your phone and see what you’re doing.

Being a person who craves personal space, it’s really exasperating to see adults act this way.

I mean, I get your curiosity to see whether I text someone ‘lyk dis’ or in absolute Shakespearean fashion but there have to be some boundaries, right?

I’m one of those people who even gets distracted by a little fly, so when it comes to respecting somebody’s personal space, I’m very particular. And that’s the reason why I just cannot stand adults who act like little kids and shamelessly interfere in other people’s affairs.

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The other day at college, I was sitting in the canteen and casually texting my friend, when a stranger behind me literally nudged me and told me there was a little typo in the text I was writing. I was absolutely stunned at this act.

I mean, a) You’re not supposed to read somebody’s personal conversation (especially that of two girl BFFS) and b) even if there was an error, I wasn’t writing a mail to the Vice Chancellor of the English Language, for God’s sake.

That’s my best friend I’m texting, she literally signed up to decipher the bizarre texts I send her.

Also, it’s funny how the words ‘personal space’ does not even exist for Indian parents. From unlocking your phone and going through your inbox in your teens to pestering you to add them to your friend list on Facebook in your twenties, personal space is an absolute myth for Indian folks.

My mom has the contact numbers of all my exes and still continues to take down the number of every guy that I even slightly know. (You see, what if they are the person her daughter elopes with someday?). OMG, it’s frustrating.

Alas, I cannot change the way my mom thinks because “of course”, she’s just being protective of me.

The question is, what about the million people I encounter daily, who are no way related to me but are probably still as excited as my mom to read my WhatsApp messages?

Guess, we’ll just have to live with it.

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