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Since time immemorial, the debate over high-priced branded items and cheap fake replicas has been unstoppable.

In our latest edition of FlippED, we discuss how okay or not okay is it to go for cheap replacements of branded products.

“If I can get the same Chanel handbag for 3k bucks, why should I pay 3L for it?”

 – Blogger Moulshree Srivastav’s perspective

Since the time I’ve shifted to Delhi, Sarojini Nagar has been my one stop destination for shopping. Whether I need to buy a dress for freshers or formals for a college event, that place has it all.

And know, what’s the best part? Every single item there is almost always under your budget.

So honestly, if you can get everything you want (literally) for just a few bucks, why go for high-end showrooms that’ll make you lose all your organs on just one product?

Of course, if you’re earning well enough to spend well then sure, you should definitely find your way to the nearest Zara showroom and get that pretty dress you’ve been eyeing for weeks but in case your pocket doesn’t allow you to do so, don’t worry.

I’m sure the Janpath market at CP or some local market near your place will have the outfit’s exact replacement for just 200-300 bucks.

People say fake replicas of branded products are poor in quality and so you shouldn’t buy it, but I disagree.

If you’re buying a dress for 200 bucks, first of all, for how many centuries do you intent on wearing it? And secondly, that “high-quality” top you bought for 2k from Vero Moda will only get out of your cupboard just once in 6 months. So really, what’s the fuss about?

I mean, if you own a Gucci perfume or a Chanel handbag then cool but if somebody cannot afford to get it then I think he/she should have the opportunity of arranging its replica at a cheap price, without any shame.

At the end of the day, it’s their money and only they have the right to decide its usage.

So yes, the next time you’re unsure about picking up a beautiful dress from a street shop, do NOT think twice, just buy it.

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“If I spend money on something and it doesn’t work out, I would prefer holding someone accountable for it than money wasted”

– Blogger Rohan Bachhav’s perspective

This is probably a guy thing that I go shopping barely twice or thrice in a year and when I do that I would rather have something from a creditable shop rather than a shop which I am not even sure will exist the next day.

I don’t like to spend unnecessarily too but you have to spend where it is needed and for me clothing and its accessories is one of those places. I have purchased cheap rip-offs too but they just don’t make me feel comfortable enough and plus they can be rendered useless after a few months.

If you buy branded stuff you get quality, comfort and most importantly, long lasting products. You just know the difference. They still look fresh after wash unlike most of the rip-offs.

Big brands became big for a reason and that reason is their impeccable attributes which you can never get in rip offs.

Sometimes even I agree that we overpay for those things but right now that’s how the entire market is and I am not going to compromise quality and comfort just because I wanna stick up to the big guys.

Like I said before, if tomorrow I spend big bucks on a product and if the product is damaged in any way, I can go to the shop and hold them accountable and get a new product in return.

Not just that, if I feel that the product is not working out for me as it did in the showroom, I can just go and exchange it with a new one.

That plays a very important role for me and therefore I won’t call the money spent on these brands as unjustified.

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