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Gone are the days when the bada beta of the family was sent off to live in Kota, in a dingy hostel with annoying roommates and a forever “annoyed” warden, who’d snatch the life out of the poor kid before engineering could.

Millennials today, know what they want in life and exactly how they want it. They are aware of the little allowance they get from home and so they try to maximize its returns in every decision they make.

Whether it’s taking a shared ride in Ola or Uber instead of taking a private cab back from work or living in shared apartments with like-minded friends and colleagues, the new millennial mindset is surely changing norms for not just them, but for everyone alike.

Change is the only constant in life. And nobody understands this better than us millennials who’re moving from one job to another, one city to another, one house to another at lightning speed.

This attitude itself has given rise to so many innovative and economical developments across the globe. Co-living startups like CoHo in Delhi and NCR, Wudstay in Bangalore, Ziffy Homes in Gurugram and many such other initiatives are changing the way people look at the real estate industry.

A snap from ‘CoHo Living’, a paying guest accommodation for youngsters, situated in New Delhi

Here’s looking at some of the reasons why co-living has become the new black for the urban millennial:

1) Budget Constraint

For students and young professionals who’re living away from their homes, co-living seems like an economical and easy option.

Almost all expenses like electricity, water, food and overheads are equally divided between everyone and nobody has to bear the wrath of it alone. They are supplied with all the necessary amenities but that too, comes at an affordable cost.

2) Easy and comfortable living

Nowadays, co-living spaces are being specially customized to suit the needs of urban millennials. It’s almost like living in a posh resort- swimming pool, badminton court, home theater, Foosball table; you name it and it’s there. With close friends and such amenities around, who would like to live anywhere else?

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3) Perfect cure for loneliness

For people who are living far away from home in new cities, co-living seems like the best remedy for battling home-sickness.

You get roomies with whom you can rant about missing home-cooked food, they are there to cherish fond school memories with you together, to party and to play pranks, but most importantly, you all learn the ways of life together.

Amidst internal exams and college fests, these people become like our family.

4) Safety

Living away from home can actually be a little scary too. But with house renting options, it has become a safer and securer option than ever before.

CCTV surveillance, card entry systems, background check of the staff and the residents not only provides a home-like atmosphere to kids but also inculcates a sense of security in parents who’re living away from their children.

5) No landlord interference

Millennials these days do not like anybody controlling them for whatever reason and if that person happens to be the landlord, it becomes all the more infuriating.

Co-living spaces eliminate this issue as well as the hassle of heavy security and brokerage fees that are required in renting a flat alone.

Thus, for reasons stated above and otherwise, youngsters these days prefer renting out co-living spaces with their choice of friends and colleagues rather than living alone or in dingy hostels with a hundred restrictions.

Start-ups these days are experimenting with design, technology and special services to suit the mood and mindset of the modern millennials. They are coming up with better ideas everyday and it is surely becoming a dominant option in the residential real estate business.

So in case, you’re too looking for a place to live in a ghost city, do have a look at the trendy co-living spaces offered by a myriad of companies these days.

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Sources: India Today, Forbes + more

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