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It’s been almost a year now that I’ve stayed in Delhi, almost 1500 kms away from my hometown, Bengal. Surrounded by new people and a city that functions way differently than how my own city does, yes, initially, it was quite hard on me.

Though technology has made it far easier through video calls and Whatsapp, nothing can substitute that warm and comforting place that we call home.

Now that it is an unalterable reality that I need to stay in this unbudgingly harsh place (both climate-wise and situation-wise), I uplifted myself and brought into my own notice how staying away from home is actually doing good to me.


I clearly remember the morning breakfast routine of my school days, with my mom running after me to gulp down a glass of milk and have some food. I had my own tantrums then, sometimes saying that the food wasn’t good enough and sometimes that the milk was too hot.

Mom would willingly cook something yummier or cool down the milk for me.

Here, nobody is obliged to treat me like the princess that I thought I was. I learnt that if I don’t eat breakfast regularly, the hot and busy day ahead will cause me to lose my health. I had to take care of at least my own well-being, nobody else’s life revolves around me.

This was just one of the many areas where I became more self-sufficient.

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Daddy’s Princess that I was, I never knew how to sustain in a budget. The transition from a girl who got whatever she demanded to someone who had to manage all her needs within a given sum was tough, no doubt.

However, it did teach me the value of money. Where earlier I didn’t have a care in the world about how much I’m spending, now I rejoice at the fact that a 30 rupee note can get me a nice Dosa in our college canteen.


Finally, in this journey, I learnt how to give more. The more love I gave, the more I received. In this fast-paced world, it’s good to have a shoulder to cry on and people with whom you can have heart-to-heart conversations without a drop of pretense. Life away from home taught me how to care for others, along with caring for myself. Selfishness and selflessness go hand in hand.

My friends turned into my family. Without them, maybe college wouldn’t have been the wonderful and joyous place that it is.

Whenever I miss ghar ka khaana, I go to my friends’ place to relish a delicious plate of roti sabzi. Funny, how a year ago only extravagant things would make me happy and now, it’s these little things in life such as home-cooked food that lift up my mood.

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