From the greasy yet delicious canteen food to air-conditioned haven that library is, from valentine’s rituals to Independence day march, from DU ka swag to buzzkill attendance hassle, from Crossroads to Nexus, from sutta to banta, from batman hoodies to hot minis, Delhi university has been there, seen that.

College is undoubtedly the best part of life when you can reasonably zonk out at 3:00 a.m. and get up at 12:00 p.m., eat out with friends and come back to sleep again. Responsibilities? Say whaaa?

So here I have assorted 18 things that all Delhi University students will relate to.

1. “Hans Raj ke canteen chalo guys! I’m bored of ours.”- This luxury of a wide array of canteens to choose from is always at your disposal.

2. Vishwavidyalaya metro station is a second home.

3. Professors are as easily approachable as food joints post midnight.

4. Besides being a license to evade lectures, DU societies are the life of the college and, of course, the family you choose, pulsating with the passion of its members.

5. You never make it to the lecture at 8.30 on time. But coming late to class means finding seats only on the first bench.

6. All attempts to maintain notes for every subject in one notebook fail horribly.

7. DU elections buy you free food and holidays.

8. Your favourite word is ‘cancelled’. “The test is cancelled?” “Is this chapter cancelled?” “CLASS CANCELLED?”

9. When the introvert from school becomes the photo society dude. Well, that escalated quickly!

10. What! We have a test today? What assignment? Is it due today?- Bummer! I muted the whats app class group ;(

11. We all have signed the famous ‘Bond’. But you know exactly how to get the internals and attendance sorted- Attendance is my birthright and I shall have it.

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12. Come No sleep November, you are a readings-dependent life form and 10 years series is your holy grail-Knuckling down for studies in the finals week and how you wish to be a burrito for life.

13. Your handwriting in the mid-semester creeps you out because you haven’t written anything since summer.

14. Having to introduce yourself every semester- “You know exactly who I am and what I am capable of.”

15. You know it’s the fest season when you are on a socializing spree – “Bhai, passes arrange kara do!”

16. Your outings expand to practically every day because who needs a weekend in college!

17. The Bollywood alumni swag never seems to fail you-“SRK was from my college, bro! ”

18. Most characteristically, you are perennially broke. “Yaar aaj teri treat hai!”

So whether you are a graduate soaked in nostalgia or an overwhelmed DU-ite or a fuccha at the threshold of all the fun, I dare you to differ with me on this. Because if this is not your DU life, you’re doing it all wrong, man!

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