Yes, the day of love is here. It’s Valentine’s Day and if you are single you are probably finding it difficult to breathe because it is noxious, the love that is in the air.

Everything is not as cute for single people as it may be for the madly in love couples.

They don’t see the point in wasting precious money on chocolates, roses, and gifts; also they probably don’t have a date or a special someone to waste or ‘utilize’ that money on.

But all kinds of single people aren’t the same. Here is how the ideal five kinds of single people spend their valentine’s day.

1. The Third Wheel

single people on valentine's day

Yes, this person intrudes into the, what should have been an intimate love celebration by volunteering to third wheel because why not?

This is part of their girl/guy hunting project, where they are on the lookout for other prospective third wheels who can be potential dates.

Effin’ smart, eh?

2. The Rebel

single people on Valentine's day

This kind is the one who really doesn’t care about love. Because, of course; ‘pyaar ek dhoka hai’.

This type rebels against Valentine’s Day and celebrates by partying with their fellow single friends without feeling the need to find a date for them.

They know and have understood that life holds meaning beyond a stupid day for stupid people.

(Any kind of offense caused to anyone is deeply regretted, but ‘pyaar ek dhoka hai’)

3. The Ignorant Kind

single people on Valentine's day

Yes, there is this category of single people on Valentine’s Day who find it better to work than waste time on going on dates.

Even if you ask them out their reply would be, “thanks, but I refuse to be your Valentine, I already have a date for it, FEBRUARY 14th”.

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4. The ‘CRY GUY’ (Special GUYS category)

single people on Valentine's day

Precisely this is the category which received a ‘Thanks/Hahaha, you are funny’ in reply to ‘I love you/Will you be my Valentine’.

Welcome to the category of people who have been friend-zoned this Valentine’s Day.

Soldiers in their own right they have braved the hardest and most painful storm that was to occur “the feeling of one-sided love”.

5. The Unbowed, Unbent, and Unbroken

single people on Valentine's day

Is there hope? For this category, yes, always.

They have been all kinds of single every Valentine’s Day, they have tried being everything from the third wheel to the party animal to the friend-zoned poor guy. But they still have hope that love will happen.

They have been through various heartbreaks but their hope is something no one can try to break.

Yes. Cry me a river already.

Hoping they find their Valentine soon because it’s the 14th already.

So which kind of single are you today?

Design credits: Rishab Patel

Sources: Wikipedia

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