Listen Up DU Aspirants: Delhi University Will Be Holding A 10 Day Counselling Session

Admission time can be extremely confusing. There are new rules and regulations, forms and more to fill out, cut-offs to keep track of and understanding that college works vastly different to school.

To combat this confusion and doubts that many students have, DU will likely be conducting a 10-day counselling session before the start of the new academic year.

This seems to be a good step towards making the admission process simpler and giving the students more knowledge about the university they are hoping to be a part of.

According to reports, the deputy dean of Students Welfare has said that “this time, DU aspirants and parents are expected to be entertained in the University ‘Open Days‘ for ten days.”

What All Will Delhi University’s Open Days Entail?

The counselling session will be held in both North and South campus and is supposed to start before the Class 12th board exam results are announced.

The sessions will continue even after the announcement and are mainly a way to help students in learning about DU, the various colleges it has and afterward make an informed choice of college.

This way a student will be able to apply for admission into a college based on their merit and choice.

The main university’s session will be held at the Conference Centre on Chhatra Marg, every day except Sundays, from 10 am to 1 pm.

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Apart from this, various colleges will be holding their own ‘Open Days’ to showcase what each institute has to offer.

This might be new to a lot of colleges in DU however, LSR, Miranda House, Sri Venkateshwara nd Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Khalsa colleges are a few that have held such sessions in the past.

During the session, a presentation will be showed that lays out information on campus, faculty, courses offered by the university officials after which a question and answer round will allow students to clear any doubts they might have.

This is a really good step that DU has taken, and while in the west this system already exists and has also proven to be successful, it seems as if it has finally made its way to India or specifically DU.

‘Open Days’ will also put a bit of pressure on the colleges too who will have to put their best foot forward.

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