The 16th of May, 2017, marks the three year anniversary of PM Modi and BJP’s regime.

A lot has happened in these three years including demonetisation, surgical strikes and even demands for PM Modi’s resignation.

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So, how successful has the BJP-led NDA government been, really?

An online survey conducted spanning three weeks with a participation of around 40,000 individuals from over 200 cities has come out with some insightful results.

– Three out of five Indians are satisfied with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s performance though a majority feels his government is sliding on checking prices, generating jobs and preventing crime, an online poll has found.

– Of the missions the government has launched, direct benefit transfer got the highest approval (47%) and Make in India the lowest (8%). Modi’s signature Clean India campaign seems to have failed to impress as 57% of the people responded in negative when asked if their cities were cleaner.

– However, most people have approved of Modi’s foreign policy especially his dealings with Pakistan (64%) and 81% feel that India’s global influence has improved.

– Much has been said of the demonetisation move. Only 51% feel that the move was successful in reducing black money and even fewer (37%) that it has contributed to ending corruption. So, the futility of the decision is pointed at right there.

– People are essentially dissatisfied with the prices of daily-use commodities as is evidenced by only 28% saying that the commodity prices are satisfactory.

Another important point highlighted in the survey is the inherent dissatisfaction almost all people have with their elected MPs. 69% of the participants said that the MPs elected by them did nothing to address the problems of their respective constituencies.

According to LocalCircles, “Overall, as change hasn’t come fast enough for most people, there is a decline in citizens’ rating of the government in most areas compared to last year.”

Compared to their survey last year, the people’s dissatisfaction with the government sky-rocketed from a 3% to a startling 36% this year.

However, from the survey, it is clear that there has been no recession in BRAND MODI or simply put, Modi’s political capital. Regardless of the performance of the BJP-led NDA government at the center, many people still believe that Modi can change things for the better. Adding to this belief is the fact that the opposition is hardly in a position to capitalise on the setbacks pointed out in this survey.

We can’t wait for the Lok Sabha elections now!

Special thanks: Hindustan Times

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