A video went viral showing Indian film actor Vikrant Massey getting into a heated argument with a cab driver yesterday. Many people commented on it, thinking it to be genuine and whether Massey’s actions were right or wrong.

However, the true reality of this video was something else entirely.

What Happened?

On 9th May, videos started to circulate showing a conversation between a cab driver and actor Vikrant Massey.

In the video, Vikrant is clashing with the cab driver over the total fare for the ride, claiming that it is higher than what was shown on the app before, presumably while booking the ride. The driver for his part says that the app increased the fare on its own and he did not have anything to do with it.

He further stated, “Mera naam Ashish hai. Mai ek cab driver hu. Maine apne passenger ko unke location pe phuncha diya hai. Aur vo paise nahi de rahe hai. Behas baazi lar rahe hai ulta. Gaali galoch kar rahe hai [My name is Ashish. I am a cab driver. I have dropped my passenger to his destination but he is not ready to pay. He is arguing with me and using foul language]”. 

He then faced the camera toward Vikrant, who tried to hide himself and said, “Gaali galoch kar rahe hai? Camera kyun nikal diya bhai? Dhamka rahe ho tum? Jayaz baat hi to kar rajha hu na mai? Yeh achanak se paise kaise badh gaye? Yeh nahi chalega. [Using foul language? Why are you recording this, buddy? Are you trying to threaten me? I am simply discussing the issue, right? How did the fare suddenly increase? This won’t work.]” 

To this, the cab driver argued, “How is this my fault? You earn so much money. Why are you arguing?” and Vikran replied, “It doesn’t matter whose money it is. It is hard-earned money”.

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All this in reality though, was entirely scripted and fake. The video was part of a campaign by the ride-hailing app inDrive for which Vikrant has been appointed, “the brand ambassador for inDrive for a year-long advertising campaign”.

However, it seems that everyone already had their suspicions about how authentic it was and called it out for being scripted.

These types of publicity or ad campaigns are becoming more and more popular with several celebrities doing acts that look shocking and have people talking about it, but it all was just to promote some new project of theirs.

The audience is apparently getting wise to these things, with most realising when something is genuine and when something seems too scripted and fake.

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