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So, Mother’s Day is around the corner, and while we’re all busy planning the perfect gift or brunch date for our dear moms, I thought it’s high time we appreciate one of the unsung heroes of modern comedy – Mom Texts. Yes, you heard it right! Those hilarious, sometimes baffling, and always endearing messages from our Indian moms deserve their very own spotlight.

It’s a typical day, and you’re going about your business when suddenly ping – a message from Mom. You open it, expecting a simple “How are you, beta?” But oh no, that would be too easy. Instead, you’re greeted with a whirlwind of emojis, autocorrect mishaps, and the occasional cryptic message that would make even the best codebreakers scratch their heads.

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My mom has a unique way of utilising emojis that can range from spot-on to downright confusing. You might receive a string of heart emojis followed by a thumbs up and a laughing face – all in one message. And don’t even get me started on the infamous “forwarded as received” chain messages filled with flower GIFs and good luck charms for the entire family.

Our moms have mastered the art of mixing languages effortlessly in their texts. You’ll find a delightful blend of English, Hindi, and maybe even a sprinkle of regional dialect thrown in for good measure. And let’s not forget the creative abbreviations – “LOL” can easily transform into “Lots Of Love” without warning. 

However, this is just the prelude to the ever evolving mom’s messages! Our moms’ have a knack for turning innocent messages into unintentional comedy masterpieces thanks to their friendly neighbourhood autocorrect feature. From “I’ll be there in five minutes” becoming “I’ll be there in five monkeys” to “I love you” turning into “I liver you,” these moments never fail to leave us in stitches. And don’t even get me started on the time she tried to type “happy birthday” and it came out as “Harry bottom.” Classic.

And who can forget the og, “typing in all caps” move? Mom has a tendency to unleash the caps lock key with reckless abandon, turning an ordinary conversation into a digital shouting match. But hey, it’s all part of the charm, right?

But amidst all the laughter and confusion, there’s something truly special about Mom Texts. They remind us of the unconditional love, care, and humour that our moms bring into our lives every single day. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms! May your emojis be plentiful, your autocorrect be merciful, and your caps lock key forever stay on the loose. Cheers to you!

Until next time then! keep laughing, keep texting, and above all, keep appreciating the wonderful moms in your life. Signing off for now!

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