The Met Gala, for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, is considered to be one of the most awaited events around the world for its extravagant themes and the fashion choices celebrities and public personalities attending it make.

It certainly gives a lot of interesting looks, whether beautiful, fails, or just unique in how experimentative they can be. This year too the Met Gala was a trending topic with its ‘Garden of Times’ theme for their new exhibition ‘Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion’.

The Met Gala 2024 has been making waves for its unique dress styles. However, some people believe that India’s own Uorfi Javed might have been ahead of it in some ways.

Light Dress

The outfit that created all the buzz was model Amelia Gray Hamlin’s outfit at the 2024 Met Gala. The model making her debut at the famous event wore a very unique light-up terrarium dress by Jun Takahashi from his Spring 2024 collection.

Netizens, however, brought up how it looked eerily similar to a dress Uorfi Javed had worn not too long ago for an event in Mumbai. The only difference was that Javed’s glow-in-the-dark dress was more solar system inspired rather than garden or nature one.

Garden Theme Dress

Some people also felt that Javed understood the theme of the Met Gala before anyone considering she made an appearance just a few days before the Met Gala 2024 wearing an all-black gown that had moving leaves and flowers.

Also Indian entrepreneur Mona Patel’s debut Met Gala look, a custom Iris Van Herpen couture, was another one that looked eerily similar to Javed’s outfit, especially the kinetic butterflies all over her sleeves that fluttered their wings.

Cardi B

Another comparison being made was between American rapper Cardi B’s outfit and how it seemed quite similar to an outfit that Uorfi Javed wore in April for a photoshoot.

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Garbage Bag Dress

In January of 2023, Uorfi Javed went viral for making an Instagram reel where she made two outfits out of black dustbin bags. Before this too she’s worn an outfit made from garbage bags in the Bigg Boss OTT season as a contestant.

Lily James’ dress for the 2023 Met Gala was also compared to look like it was made from a garbage bag or very similar to it.

Silver Leaves

In 2022, Uorfi Javed used silver leaves to cover her chest and top half in another viral set of images writing “Illuminating. Used chaandi ka warq for this (sic).” Lil Nas’ full silver body paint outfit for the 2023 Met Gala was also something that looked similar to it.

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