The glitz and glamour of the Cannes Film Festival often bring forth some of the most stunning fashion moments, but occasionally, a misstep on the red carpet can become the talk of the town. 

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, an iconic figure in Bollywood and a regular attendee at Cannes, found herself at the centre of online scrutiny as her Day 2 ensemble sparked a wave of criticism and speculation. 

Donning a dramatic blue-silver confetti gown from the house of designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock, Aishwarya’s outfit choice divided opinion, with many social media users questioning the intentions behind the styling decisions.

Netizens’ Outrage

The internet erupted with harsh critiques as Aishwarya’s Day 2 look made its rounds on social media platforms. Comments ranged from questioning the stylist’s motives to outright accusations of disdain towards the actress.

One user’s comment encapsulated the sentiment, “Do Falguni and Shane hate her? Was she rude to them at some point at the peak of her career? What is the actual tea?“. 

aishwarya rai


aishwarya raiThe speculation surrounding Aishwarya’s relationship with her stylists reached absurd levels, with some even suggesting a conspiracy involving her in-laws. “This is all a massive Jaya Bachchan conspiracy,” one comment read.

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aishwarya rai

Amidst the frenzy, accusations of professional misconduct and personal vendettas were hurled at the designer duo. “Falguni & Shane Peacock took their name literally and made her look like a peacock who just came out of hibernation!!!” exclaimed one disheartened commenter. 

aishwarya rai

The criticism didn’t stop there; netizens went as far as questioning Aishwarya’s agency in her wardrobe choices, with one remarking, “It’s one thing for designers to butcher her like this and it’s another for her to AGREE TO WEAR THIS TRASH? Why!

aishwarya rai

Speculation and Conspiracy Theories

Speculation ran rampant as social media users attempted to unravel the mystery behind Aishwarya’s perplexing attire. From insinuations of blackmail to claims of financial inducements, netizens left no stone unturned in their quest for answers.

Aish please tell if someone is BLACKMAILING you,” pleaded one concerned follower, while another cynically remarked, “Salman might have paid Falguni and Shane I bet“. 

aishwarya rai

The outlandish theories extended to questioning Aishwarya’s motives, with suspicions raised about her intentions for continued participation in international events. “Is Aishwarya doing this deliberately so that she stops getting invited?” pondered one user.

aishwarya rai

The online discourse even delved into personal relationships, with references to Aishwarya’s past associations adding fuel to the speculative fire. Taking a dig at her fallout with Salman Khan, one Instagram user wrote, “Karishma or Salman must have bribed her stylist nothing less explain this,” highlighting how personal histories were woven into the fabric of the controversy.

Critique of Design and Stylist

Criticism wasn’t solely directed at Aishwarya or the alleged conspiracies; the design and styling choices themselves came under intense scrutiny. Netizens didn’t hold back in expressing their disdain for the outfit’s aesthetic, with comparisons to household decorations and scathing remarks about the designers’ taste. 

My Christmas tree is better decorated than this,” quipped one user, while another commented, “Side hat jao sab diwali ki light pataka or decoration wali ladiya aa rahi hai,” drawing parallels between Aishwarya’s attire and festive adornments.

Amidst the ridicule, the stylist’s competency was called into question, with demands for accountability and even calls for legal action. “Who f is the designer??? Arrest them now!!!” exclaimed one user. These comments reflect the severity of the backlash against the perceived fashion faux pas.

Aishwarya Rai’s appearance at the Cannes 2024 film festival’s red carpet ignited a fervent online discussion, with criticism and speculation reaching a fever pitch. 

From accusations of stylistic vendettas to wild conspiracy theories involving personal relationships, the controversy surrounding her outfit, one thing remains certain: Aishwarya’s Cannes ensemble will be remembered as a polarising moment in the intersection of celebrity, fashion, and conspiracy theories.

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