This year, Cannes has become a platform for protest and strong political remarks. After a woman dressed in the colours of the Ukrainian flag staged a protest, Mahlagha Jaberi, an Iranian-born model, issued a statement to #stopexecution in Iran. 

Stop Execution!

On the red carpet, Jaberi gave every cause to make headlines, as the quote “Stop execution” was printed on her clothing. The model posted a video of herself wearing the clothing with the caption, “Stop execution.”

Mahlagha Jaberi, Iranian model

”Dedicated to the people of Iran,” she captioned the video. The model emphasized the year’s increase in executions in the country. The grave situation, which poses a threat to human rights, has frightened advocates worldwide. 

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Threats To Human Rights In Iran

Earlier this month, the Norway-based human rights organization Iran Human Rights published a report claiming that Iran had murdered over 500 people so far in 2022, the highest rate in five years. 

According to Iran Human Rights, at least 333 people will be executed in Iran in 2021. The investigation also found that official sources declared 55 executions, accounting for 16.5 percent of the total. 

The authorities did not announce 83.5 percent of the executions contained in the 2021 report. According to the report, at least 183 killings were for murder charges.

Protests On Cannes Red Carpet

This year, a protester dressed in Ukrainian flag colours and covered herself in fake blood made a striking statement on the red carpet. Wearing a blue and yellow floor-length ball gown, the woman reached into her clothing, pulled out a capsule of fake blood, lifted it above her head, and burst it, all while smiling for the cameras.

As one of the world’s most prestigious and well-known film festivals, it is an award ceremony that not only sparks controversy, but also sees unprecedented protests and rallies.

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