Watch: How Were Protests Depicted Through Cannes Over The Years?

The Cannes Film Festival is synonymous with glamour, glitz, movies and all-around entertainment. Most times the festival’s red carpet is the most talked-about event, with people on social media and elsewhere discussing the stars’ various looks and styles.

Being one of the world’s most prominent and well-known film festivals, it is an award ceremony that not only creates controversy but also experiences unprecedented protests and rallies.

This year, too, the Cannes Red Carpet has served as inspiration and created a buzz all over the world; but rather than the fashion, people have been talking about the Ukraine protesters who dressed as the Ukrainian flag and spilled blood all over her to draw people’s attention.

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This isn’t the first time that the Cannes red carpet has served as a protest spot. Let us look at times when people used Cannes to reach out to the world about issues that matter to them.

As the time goes by, it will be seen how Cannes, besides being a platform of glam and glitters, also becomes a platform for the protestors.

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