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There’s nothing quite like the experience of sharing a living space with a bunch of peculiar, delightful, and sometimes utterly baffling girls.

We have Abhilasha, the self-proclaimed gourmet chef. Abhilasha’s cooking adventures are legendary – not for their taste, but for their sheer unpredictability. One fine evening, she decided to make a “fusion dish” – a biryani-pasta hybrid. Yes, you read that right. The smell of spices mingling with marinara sauce still haunts my nostrils. We ended up ordering pizza, but not before our laughter echoed through the walls as we poked fun at her “masterpiece”.

Next, there’s Vishakha, the laundry ninja. Vishakha has a unique relationship with her clothes – she washes them, but drying them is another story. Our living room often transforms into a maze of midis, jeans, kaftans, kurtas, and dupattas hung from every conceivable place.

Navigating through this colourful jungle every morning is my daily workout. On one occasion, my face had a close encounter with her dupatta, and I almost strangled myself. Note to self: Look up before walking.

Sharing a bathroom with other girls is a strategic endeavour. Anushka, the night owl, loves her long, philosophical showers at 2 AM.

While we appreciate her finding herself, waking up to a serenade of bathroom singing can be quite the experience. And then there’s Aditi, whose elaborate skincare routine occupies the entire bathroom shelf. My modest face wash looks like a poor peasant amongst her royal spread of lotions and potions.

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Living in India means we have diverse opinions on the ideal room temperature. Kavya, the human furnace, loves to keep the room at a toasty 30 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, I’m convinced I’m part penguin and thrive in cooler climates. Our thermostat wars are epic, involving sneaky adjustments and stealthy remote control heists. It’s a constant game of thermal tug-of-war.

Then there’s Naina, the animal lover. While her love for animals is admirable, her habit of bringing home strays is not. From dogs to cats to a suspiciously large turtle, we’ve had quite the menagerie.

One memorable night, we discovered a parrot perched on our curtain rod. The parrot, whom she named Mithu, decided to stay for a week, squawking away and occasionally mimicking our conversations. It was like having a very judgmental roommate who could fly.

Anjali has a fashion sense to die for, and she loves sharing her wardrobe and sometimes enjoys borrowing others’ wardrobes as well without asking. I’ve often found my favourite kurta missing, only to see her waltzing in wearing it at the next social gathering. We’ve implemented a borrowing policy, but enforcement is lax. On the bright side, I’ve worn her designer saree to a wedding, so I guess it’s a win-win.

Finally, we have our nightly gossip sessions. Seven girls, a big bowl of popcorn, and endless cups of chai. From dissecting the latest Bollywood scandal to analysing every detail of our lives, these sessions are therapeutic. It’s where we bond, laugh, cry, and occasionally plot revenge against ex-boyfriends. These moments are the glue that holds our quirky little household together.

Living with these peculiar roommates is an adventure in itself. It’s chaotic, it’s hilarious, and it’s utterly heartwarming. We may have our quirks and clashes, but at the end of the day, there’s no place like home – especially one filled with such wonderfully weird roommates.

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