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Till the time we were in school, our parents pushed us to sleep early. All lights went off by 10 pm at the latest, however, that felt so boring, didn’t it? But it was till that time that we were extremely disciplined. And the moment our parents stopped telling us what to do, the downfall started. 

Everyone has that first time when they do an all-nighter. That feels so cool. Staying up late, eating Maggi at 3 a.m.and having your own private concert in your room, while everyone else is deep asleep felt so right. 

Making life decisions, watching movies, reading books or putting on headphones at full volume while your mind transcends into your delulu world, till 4 in the morning, seems like the best thing to do, till the consequences start to kick in. And trust me, you’d want to give up all of these enjoyments to not face these repercussions. 

It all started during the onset of the lockdown period, in the pandemic when I explored the nightlife. My day started when everyone was finished. I feel I was the biggest source of income for Instagram then, for I was addicted to reels and watched them all night long. I spent two years of lockdown as a blissful night owl. Sleeping when I wanted to and woke up when I felt like it. 

However, this bliss soon met its end when my college started. And that’s when I regretted those fun hours I’d spent in the dreamy realm of my room. I became addicted to sleeping at 4 am and waking up post mid-day.

While people were happy that they would no longer be confined to their houses and could step out, I dreaded going back to online classes. I had turned into this lazy, groggy, tired, sleepy individual. Being a night owl made me that; and I badly missed my bright, active and cheerful self.

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I am still working on this issue. All the early birds would agree to this – waking up early is better than sleeping late. Because if you sleep late, there’s no chance that you’ll be able to wake up early. Even if you do, you won’t be fresh and cheerful.

Therefore, all my fellow night owls who are struggling to manage their time and have a good schedule, let’s go on a mission to sleep early and wake up early. Convincing your parents for a Goa trip would be easier than this but yes, what needs to be done, needs to be done. 

Imagine waking up early, and having the entire day to yourself, and possibly with extra time for that ‘wanting to do’ list!

You can have a healthy breakfast, read the newspaper, take a nice shower and you still have enough time to seize the day. In those extra hours, you can do a bit (or a lot) of self-study, take a leisure walk on your way to classes, spend a bit of time on your hobbies, and even binge a little bit of your Netflix show! Doesn’t that sound super awesome?

Going to bed with the satisfactory feeling of having such a productive day seems better than all the fun we have at night.

Now this fine day won’t happen right away. Reversing your biological clock will take time. Habituating and messing your circadian rhythm to an early bird from a droopy night owl will require patience and perseverance. Yes, it will take a bit of time, probably more than 21 days but we can definitely make it work. 

The ingredients you’ll need are a cup full of determination, a spoonful of self-motivation, and a pinch of incentives. Now stir it all, and drink it with consistency once before sleeping and once after waking up.

Yes, this is the secret recipe. Try it, and let us know in the comments below about the wonders it did for you!

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