Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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Michhammi Dukkadam

Paryushan: 8 Days Of Jainism, Penance And Michhammi Dukkadam

During mid-June every year, Jains all over the globe start an almost 120-day fasting period of prayer and penance, they call ‘Chaumasa’. During this...
Statue Of Unity

India Will Soon Have “The World’s Tallest Statue” But Do We Actually Need It?

For those who all don’t know India will soon have the tallest statue in the world. We surely have other monuments such as Taj...

Madhya Pradesh Petrol Pumps Offer Breakfast, Tea, Watch, Sofa, Mobile In Exchange For Buying...

When we thought we were the biggest victims of the ever-rising petrol and diesel prices, petrol traders in Madhya Pradesh have a different story...