By Mayank Dixit

Since so many years, religious fanatics belonging to Hinduism and Islam have propagated the belief that their religion is better than the other. Amidst all of this, love has always blossomed between people from these two religions.  This love knows no hatred, no religious prejudices. But time and again, forcing such couples to unwanted scrutiny and labeling their love as ‘love jihad’ is not right. There are certain things inter-religious couples in India are tired of hearing.


The most common thing inter-religious couples get to hear every day. Since the religion is different, people assume that the couple is only interested in a casual fling. The common perception is that since the families will never agree to their relationship, the guy, and the girl are just passing time with each other.

Now we, as a society are not authorized to comment whether someone should be in a serious relationship or just a casual fling. Religion has got nothing to do with the status of the relationship. An inter-religious couple can be equally serious about each other as other couples. Stop the judgment.


A difference in food choices might be a small issue for the couple, but to the society, it becomes a matter of life and death. A Hindu vegetarian girl cannot be with a Muslim guy who eats non-vegetarian on a daily basis. Or a Muslim girl, who relishes chicken, must change her food habits to suit the vegetarian lifestyle of her Hindu boyfriend. Slow claps for such a mindset.

We should realize it is love we are talking about after all. A young couple in today’s time won’t decide their future just on the basis of what is being served on their plates.

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Do you guys celebrate Eid with the equal happiness you celebrate Diwali with? Is Holi more important or Muharram? Well, how difficult is it to understand that celebrating a festival means spreading happiness and enjoying the traditions associated with it. Not everything is to be seen through the lens of religion. There is no harm in celebrating Eid with the same pomp and show as Diwali. Dear society, do not poke your nose in someone’s personal life.

Dear society, do not poke your nose in someone’s personal life


Inter-religious couples ready to enter marital bliss are often barraged with this question. Will the Hindu or the Muslim girl change her caste after marriage? Will she change her religion after marriage? Will she ever be able to adjust to the new family and the new traditions?

First of all, why do we need such baseless questions? If a girl is comfortable with changing her religion, then her decision should be respected. If not, then also it’s her choice. Marriage is actually an amalgamation of love and happiness. It is done when two people are ready to take their bond to the next level. Religion should be kept as far away from it as possible.

Sometimes it feels weird that living in the 21st century, we still don’t see inter-religious couples as normal, healthy couples. Where love exists, religion should not. Judging someone on the sole basis of religion is the least appreciable thing to do.

Violently trying to break the couple apart due to unjustified xenophobia, terming their relationship as love-jihad, all these idiosyncrasies should not be a part of our secular society. After all, we all say that love triumphs all. It is high time we let it triumph religion too.

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