By Sandhya

Sitting at home with little to nothing to do, usually results in some bizarre things happening.

And all that eventually ends up on social media, the one place where we all can be as weird and strange and still somehow find like-minded people who would agree with us.

Quarantine is still going on in India and much of the rest of the world, and the boredom is finally peaking through, especially with this thread that I recently came across.

A Twitter thread by user @deepraaajjj posted on 11th May went viral. The reason being how he perfectly compared Western pop-star Rihanna to Indian snacks or as many in desi accent say… ‘snakes’.

Here are all the 25 food items that he compared Rihanna to and somehow… life makes perfect sense now.

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I doubt anything can be a more perfect embodiment of the kind of things we can come up with when on the edge of boredom.

Only then such genius ideas come forth that can shake the very core of this earth.

Image Credits: Twitter

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