Right now we all are battling with the pandemic caused by the highly infectious disease called coronavirus.

In just a matter of months, it has turned our entire life around, not in 1, 2 or 3 countries but all around the globe. There is probably not even a single person currently whose life has not been affected in some way or another by this crisis.

But at the same time, the important lockdown of humans inside their houses has allowed some positive changes to come about. The environment is much clearer, animals are coming out of hiding and mating again in some cases, and even humans are learning to slow down the rat race and enjoy life.

While we all know that this crisis will eventually end, the things it has taught us should be carried over into the post corona world too.

So here are some things that we really need to give up once this pandemic is officially over, else there will be no lessons learnt. These fake, pretentious notions aren’t sustainable or helpful to anybody.

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It should really not be so difficult to move away from such notions and habits because if you think about it, none of them are really essential for a happy living.

Simple living, high thinking is one major takeaway we can also think about, from this pandemic.

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