By Mayank Dixit

Whenever we see the notification of Instagram, happiness fills our soul. A new follower, a new tag, a new photo put up by someone. Yes, Instagram is the Zeus of all apps. With amazing photo editing options including wacky filters, different story modes and what not. You name it, and you get it on Instagram.

But what Instagram is becoming nowadays is only 1 step away from ‘tad boring’ and ‘plain irritating’. Who knows, it might become the new object of hatred. The main problem I have with Instagram is the need to post obnoxious s***. Whenever I scroll through Instagram, I see girls and guys posting any
random thing, just for the sake of it.

Why don’t they understand that everything is not to be posted? And that nobody cares. Here are some of the major reasons why God should bless Instagram. No country for single people.

The Love Train

Nothing is more cringe-worthy than the efflux of lovey-dovey, ‘pyaar bhare’ posts appearing on the timeline. If you read these posts once, you’ll either feel like being the unluckiest person in the galaxy for still being single, or you’ll vomit by the sheer display of pure, unadulterated love. Such thing much wow.

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I understand that couples do need such posts time to time, to prove their love but they should know that these posts do only one thing, brewing insecurity.

Because if they had even an iota of truth, wouldn’t we all be sleeping with the love of our life, cuddling and having breakfast with them? *wink wink*


Who has the habit of clicking photos of their meals before eating? Turns out, a large number of people. Last time I checked, cooking Maggie was by no standards, an act worthy of posting. But it doesn’t matter. Let us put random s*** on Instagram and caption it #foodporn.

And the next thing you know, boiling water has also surfaced as an Instagram video. Food is the only thing we all live for. Why destroy its beauty and taste by captioning and letting people know what amazing stuff you are having. NOT. Nothing is interesting while looking at the photo of some sautéed dish because I cannot eat it. And this makes me irritated.


Honestly, this category of Instagram users put up some really interesting stuff. Picture
of snow clad mountains, amazing golden sand of marina beach, family photo at the Taj Mahal or India Gate. See cool stuff. Wanderlust is almost inside all of us. But that does not mean we will be forced to look at uncles and aunties holding the tip of the Taj and creating an amazing optical illusion.

Plus it is not easy to achieve wanderlust because this needs an insane amount of money. We are only short of some certain crores in our bank accounts. And until the time this doesn’t happen let us be happy in roaming through our city but please no wanderlust stuff.

With more such irritating stuff Instagram is slowly becoming the next Facebook. Till the time, it is still somewhat worthy, keep posting cool stuff. The ones, away from filters, the ones, even with few likes.

Image Credits: Google Images

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