Why Is India The Country Where ‘Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied’? (Video)

The solution is to start at the grass root a.k.a. lower courts!

India is a land of ‘justice delayed is justice denied’. As of now, 80 million cases still stand pending. Ever wondered why?

The problem is at the grass root a.k.a. lower courts. Lower courts are where the problem originates and infects the entire judicial system.

The delays in hearings, people not approaching on time, casual approach, lax attitude of advocates as well as the judges at the district level, all contribute to this delayed system in place right now.

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This article is a personal approach to analysing such issues and finding solutions to them.

Here’s a video blog on WHYs and WHAT CAN BE DONE to solve the ever so pending cases in the judiciary and our problem of delaying justice:

There you go! Here’s exactly what needs to be done to get rid of the narrow-eyed look people give to the judiciary!

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