By Sakshi Ranjan

Halloween is one of the most famous holidays, which even though is not an actual holiday in India, it’s celebrated with the same enthusiasm as it is celebrated in the west. Halloween is one of the most fun festivals as it helps us escape our boring mundane lives and gives us an opportunity to dress in an unusual costume or as our favourite character from a book, a movie or a show.

But what is the absolute best part about Halloween? Playing tricks on unsuspecting souls, of course! Because what is more funny than innocent people jumping out of their skins over simple tricks? (cue evil laugh)

So here is a list of 6 simple pranks that you can play on your friend or sibling (or any
unsuspecting stranger, cause that is always funnier) and scar them for a long time if not for

I suggest not to play any of these pranks on your parents cause we obviously care for your lives. Now, on to the list!

1. The Message on the Mirror

After a nice warm shower we all have, at some point in our lives, doodled on the fogged mirror in the bathroom. For Halloween, you will need to be a little more clever. This prank
can be easily played on your roommate or your sibling.

Before your significant other/ roommate/ sibling pops in the shower, use a bit of soap to write on the mirror — something along the lines of “I’m watching you” or “I know what you did”. Use a bit of tissue to retrace the words, so that your message isn’t totally visible yet.

Once the mirror is fogged, it should become clear. Just listen for the yelp of panic.

2. Personal Halloween Stalker

To pull off this prank, you will need a good costume that is creepy and scary. A good example would be a costume as a zombie or a serial killer, or you can opt for the good old white saari and long hair with smudged red lipstick all over your face so that it looks bloody and scary from afar.

This prank idea would also work extremely well if you could find an outfit that matches your victim’s costume. Follow your victim from a good distance. But make sure the victim sees you following them. Keep following them for some time. Done properly, they’ll freak out soon enough.

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3.Bugs Bugs Everywhere

What would happen if you, an unsuspecting soul, were to walk in to your bathroom and see the cluster of cockroaches crawling out of your drain? You would close the door and probably contemplate burning down your house.

Now imagine if you could make that happen and scare. Obviously, I don’t mean plague your house with actual roaches. I just mean that you should make it look like roaches have infiltrated your house.

All you need are colour printouts of life-like looking cockroaches from the internet, that you will need to precisely cut and then stick them anywhere you like! This prank does not need to be limited to just the bathroom.

4. Spider Surprise

This is a very simple prank with minimal effort. Get a big fake spider and hang is from a
door’s frame and just sit and watch the chaos unfold. The more realistic the spider looks the better.

5. Head In A Jar

This one takes a bit of work, but it’s so, so worth it. Basically, take a photo of yourself looking a bit squished, have it printed and laminated, and then stick it in a large jar filled with sickly looking food colouring. Place it in your fridge and wait for hungry guests to get a scare. Learn how to properly execute this prank right here.

6. Cockroaches For Breakfast

Amazon sells these packets of fake cockroaches that you can just use to fill up your cereal box or any of your normal containers that are used frequently. Quickly and quietly plant your roaches and then wait and watch as your friends and family members get freaked out by the infestation of bugs in their food!

Alternatively, you can also plop these plastic toys in an ice cube tray and fill it up with and freeze them. Then, when guests ask for a cool glass of water, guess what’s coming their way?

Know any more funny, harmless pranks you can play on strangers and friends alike? Share them with us!

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