Disclaimer: The author who is currently a student of BVCOE wants to keep their identity anonymous fearing backlash.

The proximity to metro and the AC classrooms are big attractions. This coupled with a decent infrastructure makes Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering (BVCOE) a reputed choice among the aspiring engineers. But what if you got to know that the true face of the college is something the outsiders don’t get to see. Something the college hides quite effectively.


The college teaches B.Tech in a total of 5 branches: CSE, IT, ECE, EEE, and ICE. Out of these 5 branches, Instrumentation and Control (ICE) branch is the favourite of the college, of course not literally. It is actually the unfair treatment handed out to ICE students among all the branches that will amaze you.

For starters, all the students getting a low rank in the entrance examination are allotted ICE. This means that the college is sending out a clear message that ICE belongs to the low scorers. The seats for this branch are filled at the last moment, even though year after year ICE students have been bringing laurels to the college.

This branch has students getting admission into IIMs, getting into full-time direction, or being fully involved with sports. This branch also comprises of the most competent coders and a good number of filed patents and those working on mega-scale projects.

But still, the college sees the students of this stream as second fiddle. ICE students are always considered inferior to students of other streams. Even after a prolonged effort of performing exceptionally well academically, the college has the same view, that ICE students are incompetent.

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Even if the students are attending any lab or workshop, faculty and students from other departments look down on ICE. There is a widespread attitude among everyone that ICE is inferior and its students lack in most skills.

During the placement period in the college, the unfair treatment becomes quite evident. Only ICE students are not allowed to sit for the interview rounds of almost 80% of the companies. Companies like Ernst and Young have rejected students in the final round of interview just because they were studying in ICE branch. So the students have to be either content in being placed with a mass recruiter or being unplaced. This is the main reason why maximum students from ICE upgrade to some other branch.


The reason is still unclear as to why the college hands out such partial treatment rather than being a place for fair and equal opportunities. Maybe because ICE inherently, is a core branch, that is, in layman’s language ICE basically deals with principle and operation of measuring instruments used in fields of design and automated systems, not some ‘rest your a** behind a desktop and use Facebook on the pretext of coding’ branch.

According to the special lens through which the college judges ICE students, they are nowhere near the elite crowd of CS, IT. And they can never be, till the time the college does not stop giving exuberant marks to these streams.

If the college management has such an attitude, then why not stop admitting students to the branch. But they won’t, because ‘paisa bhi to milta hai’ in the form of fees and management seat cost.

The students can only try as far as proving their caliber time and again. The college should understand and correct its conduct before it realizes how many exceptional students it lost, just because of sheer ignorance and its high headedness.

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  1. Hello sir/madam

    Much appreciated your thoughts. I have been a student myself with BVP. Just would request you not to misguide and defame the very college that gave you a degree.

    First of all ICE is not given to you, you chose it. Allocation of your stream is absolutely fair and transparent. Stop misleading.

    On placements, there are issues on overall level and it is better to raise it with your college authorities and your placement coordinator rather than doing injustice to your own degree.

    Thank and regards
    Right Gupta
    Class of 2014


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