By- Mayank Dixit

Who Exactly Is An Introvert?

If you also lie in your bed, constantly thinking, thinking, how good it would have been if this bed could be your soul mate for the rest of your life!

Then welcome to the introverts club. The first rule of the introvert club is that you don’t talk about the introvert club. This is because all the introverts hate small talks.  

Now that is where the problem with being an introvert lies. People don’t get that introverts are as normal as anybody.

All they want is to have a peace of mind where they mind their own business, being all self-aware and all. They don’t like spending their energy on people just for the sake of it.

They are pretty hardworking people who don’t have a habit of poking their nose into every matter. Their noses are too small for that account plus the actual reason is that they hate small talk. They crave for real, deep conversations from looking at the stars to discussing how life actually began on earth.

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Being An Introvert Is The New Cool, Or Is It?

Introverts are actually the intelligent lot between us, the somewhat elite people. But then why does the society has a stigma attached to the idea of introversion. Well for starters it is because the world is also comprised of people loving extroverts. Extroverts appreciate the company of others. They are the life of the party, soul of any conversation. So most of them don’t get how someone can read a book alone and be at peace than rather attend a Martin Garrix concert with 250 odd people. Introverts are often labeled as shy or timid, which they completely are not.

Finding solace in someone’s own company is not being shy. It is rather being very fortunate. It is similar to acquiring a treasure chest.

So the next time you think of judging an introvert person as being shy, just keep in mind that great leaders like Albert Einstein, Bill Gates and Steven Spielberg were or are introverts.

So What Actually Being An Introvert Is Like

People who are introverted tend to be more inward turning or focus more on internal thoughts, feelings, and moods. These people have a healthy mind which obviously doesn’t remain too much healthy when surrounded by a crowd.

Their social life can be happening too, it’s just that they will choose eating local Chinese food while binge-watching some T.V. series on Netflix, rather than attending some party in a Gurgaon farm.

Their small group of friends they all live for. And for that matter, introverts are not shy, not anxious and definitely not mute.

So it is high time we stop judging introverts and instead fall in love with them. Or fall asleep with them, whichever suits you best *wink wink*

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