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I am an extremely talkative 20 year old living in Delhi with three clear passions, history, travel and food. I love writing and I'm always up for a chat!

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Tracing The Popularity Of Sex-Crime Magazines Like ‘Crime & Detective’ Across India

There is an inherent tendency to get drawn to anything that is even remotely controversial or has the capability to carry out social upheaval....
ganesh chaturthi atm

A Pune Man Has Created An ATM That Gives Out Modaks In Celebration Of...

The festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is a big one, right alongside Holi, Diwali, and other major festivals. Mumbai and few other coastal regions in the...
Michhammi Dukkadam

Paryushan: 8 Days Of Jainism, Penance And Michhammi Dukkadam

During mid-June every year, Jains all over the globe start an almost 120-day fasting period of prayer and penance, they call ‘Chaumasa’. During this...