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Alcohol and marijuana are both substances of controversy. There exists an undying debate on which is better, with each side strongly asserting its viewpoint.

Having rich histories of origin, both alcohol and marijuana date back to thousands of years, both with humble beginnings.

The evolution of alcohol from ale and wine to its multiple versions today and the evolution of marijuana from being one of man’s earliest crops to what we today call grass, weed etc have witnessed massive changes over the years.

So here’s taking a look at what is the better substance: Alcohol or Marijuana

“Alcohol gives you the guts to do what you can’t do sober” –

Blogger Janhavi Sharma’s view point

Having never been into smoking, I am obviously biased towards alcohol. But within that bias, I have found ways to express my thoughts on why alcohol takes precedence over pot for me.

Alcohol is a heterogeneous substance. There’s a different kind for everyone. Ranging from Vodka, Beer, Whisky, Scotch, Gin, Wine etc the brands and kinds are endless.

alcohol vs marijuana

It is legal in most parts of the world and is easily accessible despite having certain restrictions mediated through age, religion etc. It marks celebratory events and is loved across generations.

One of the most important qualities that alcohol possesses is that it cuts across caste and class. Having many variants and prices, there is some available to all sections of society. The rich and the humble can enjoy the benefits of booze alike.

Marijuana is not only illegal in most countries but is also extremely expensive and difficult to procure. One requires a substantial amount of money, contacts, and equipment to consume it.

Additionally, smoking it, gives people the ‘munchies’ where smokers experience monstrous hunger pangs and eat like there’s no tomorrow. This results in an altogether high-calorie intake all at once.

Alcohol in contrast to pot, is a huge source of income for the government and states which makes its availability more rampant.

One of the major side effects of marijuana intake is the need to experiment further. One perhaps would subsequently want to consume harsher drugs like Cocaine, LSD, Meth etc. This could ultimately culminate into a permanent addiction.

Smoking pot, also damages brain cells and can lead to mental disorders like depression, anxiety etc.

Alcohol also has a certain aura and sentimentality around it. The pleasure of having your first drink with dad, the importance of aged wine and the drunk nights with your friends, cannot take the place of smoking pot in a closed room.

alcohol vs marijuana

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“There is no conflict unsolvable with a little discussion and lots of kush”-

Blogger Rohan Bachhav’s view point 

Smoking weed enhances your mind, makes you a visionary. Successful people all around the world have supported smoking marijuana.

alcohol vs marijuana

We know every artist and visionary smokes pot and have gone on record in support of it right from John Mayer, Sting, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and even Morgan Freeman.

People argue that weed is a gateway drug to other substances. If anything marijuana gets you to its calm, peace and clear state of mind.

What you take after that is completely on you. It never gives you hankering for anything stronger.

Smoking marijuana, just like consuming alcohol is a choice. I am not gonna diss on people who drink but smoking weed is much more peaceful than drinking.

There are no recorded deaths of people dying due to the consumption of marijuana. In fact, its use in medicines is revolutionary.

People suffering from cancer, AIDS are allowed to smoke weed. It relieves you of your pain. It will take a whole day to explain the medical benefits of marijuana.

alcohol vs marijuana

On the other hand, drinking alcohol will cause you alcohol poisoning and liver problems just for starters. There is a loss of control while you are drunk and we have seen a lot of cases of drunk people getting into accidents.

Not everyone has a driver to cover up for them.

Marijuana is a recreational drug and not something you take just to get high. If you want to feel energetic, there’s a strain for that, you need sleep? You have the Indica strain. There is a strain for every need.

It heightens the effect of every positive emotion. If you are happy you will be extremely happy if you are in love you will love even more. Your friends turn into your comrades.

“The best bonds are over a shared bong.”

It makes everything feel better, it makes the music feel better, the movies feel better. You understand the depth and not just the lyrics of songs. It makes you ‘comfortably numb’.

You will feel every emotion in the raw form like you have never felt before. You will discover yourself to the depth. The only downside, you will spend every penny you have on food.

“If you want to discover who you truly are, take a hit and close your eyes”.

Marijuana is illegal in India is because the government decided so, not the people. Cannabis is used in India since 2000 B.C. and has found mentions in the Vedas as one of the 5 sacred plants.

It is used every year during Holi and is considered as a blessing from Lord Shiva.

“Making the thing which grows naturally illegal is unnatural.”

People need to be educated that marijuana, is not a drug but a mirror which reflects your true self and helps you connect with the world.

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