India is the most vacation deprived country in the world. So, when the opportunity to take one does come around, no expenses are spared.

Some people decide to explore the mountains, some decide to go to the beach, and sit and relax in the sun. And then, there are some who decide to take ambitious road trips.

The culprit for the rise in people taking road trips can be likely attributed to Bollywood. Movies like “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” and, “Dil Chahta Hai” have set the bar to an unattainable level, as no expenses are spared on luxurious hotels and convertibles.

Moreover, the protagonists are seen enjoying various adventure sports and travelling to scenic spots to further spite the millennials.

Our travel goals started with Dil Chatha Hai

Speaking from a personal experience, the reality couldn’t be farther than what is shown, especially for Delhiites. Even after weeks of planning, one can never really be prepared for the anomaly that is road trips.

Pack Like It Needs To Fit In The Back Of Maruti 800

The first and foremost problem that arises while preparing for the road trip is packing.

Among the group, there will always be one friend who will require their own blanket, pillow, hairdryer, the pharmacy, and other non-essentials.

Supplement with those household appliances will come with an additional bag of food, irrespective of the number of food joints passing by.

Don’t Take Kalki Koechlin

Road trips comprise of being locked in a car for extended periods of time with your fellow travelers.

Being enclosed in tiny places with people can get tricky as tensions and emotions run high.

So if your friend makes you stop your car every 15 minutes, or gives unwanted directions and tips on how to drive, or is picky about food and accommodations, you’re better off with different company.

Toilet- Ek Prem Katha 

The primary problem that arises while taking road trips is the lack of bathrooms.

The presence of bathrooms is scarce on highways despite the hike in people taking road trips annually.

As a result, travelers are forced to relieve themselves in open areas and put themselves at the risk of contracting diseases.

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I Want Junk Already

Delhiites are extremely picky when it comes to new cuisines and often, when given a choice, would pick fast food joints nearby than try what is locally available.

Even though we talk and boast of being appreciative of cultural diversity and pride ourselves on being able to integrate it, we are much less tolerant to it than we think.

We take comfort in the familiar, and that is why we spend the trip scouring places for fast food joints such as McDonald’s and Burger King.

It’s all about the brand name for us Delhiites

Cabin Fever On Wheels

It is true that travelling by car gives you the flexibility to dictate your own schedules. However, people are still not able to see or do what they want to, due to restrictions imposed by lack of time, traffic and unexpected weather changes.

Driving is one of the slowest modes of travelling as a result of which most of the time is spent behind the wheel.

Hence, the trip is spent in the cramped backseat of the car. For example, last year, on my road trip to Rajasthan, my friends and I spent the whole day crawling in traffic due to an overturned truck, and an untimely sandstorm.

When Your Wallet Weighs Less Than A Feather

Contrary to what people might think, road trips are much costlier than you think. A lot of money goes into hotels, food, and fuel for the car, toll, basic amenities, sightseeing, shopping and whatnot.

By the end of the trip, you realize the amount of money spent could have been reduced if another mode of transportation was opted for instead.

The quality of road trips may not always match up to your expectations. You often have to sacrifice your comfort and settle for less.

If you are expecting luxurious stays, five-star meals, and a trip full of relaxation, road trips are probably not up your alley.

So the next time you plan a vacation, you might want to rethink reenacting ZNMD.

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