Traveling around the world is one of the most exciting experiences. People love to explore different places to satisfy themselves.

A survey was conducted by the ICICI Lombard to study the take on Indian travelers. According to this tourism survey, a majority of Indians travel once a year. It was reported that 54% of Indian travelers take only one holiday per year.

Indians give importance to social status rather than the experience

Do Indians travel for social status?

It is the trend set by the younger generation, as the youth has grown up with technology, social media, and smartphones. They value sharing their experiences live online rather than actually experiencing them.

Can we actually achieve social status by traveling? Yes. A study by reported that due to stiff competition among the people in the country as to who gets more likes, comments, and shares, people travel just for ‘Social Status’.

Majority of the people travel to spend time with family or friends or to find better weather. But it was reported that 38% of Indians travel to establish status and prestige. This means that the role of status influence travel choices.

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A study by the University of Georgia has shown how sharing tourism experiences on social media influences how people select destinations.

Today, it is about getting the ‘likes’ they will get on their destination photos. People do it for their Facebook profile rather than for the actual experience.

If they are going somewhere interesting they are required to post a photo online as evidence of their experience.

I don’t understand why do we need to post evidence online to show the world where we are or what we did. Why can’t we simply enjoy the moment?

88% of people love to travel to relax

What are the other reasons why people travel?

At some point, everyone has an urge to travel and they have their own reasons that they decide to travel. Traveling with your family and friends is something that you will always cherish.

There are a number of reasons why people want to travel. Firstly, they want to travel to give themselves some time to relax. It was reported that about 88% of Indians travel to get some me time to relax.

Secondly, there are people who travel to discover past good experiences. They want to live the good old days again. Thirdly, 79% of the people were driven by an urge to experience a better lifestyle.

Are you traveling for social status or to relax? I would say that focus on where you want to go and what you want to eat and let the experience reboot your mind and body. Now you are the one who has to decide what does traveling means to you. 

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