We millennials often have to hear things like “you’re a Smart Phone generation”, “you guys don’t know the struggle of going to the library and studying for hours, you have Google”, “why do you have to post everything on social media?”

As annoying as these things are to hear, they’re certainly true. As accusingly as they are jolted at us, we have to understand that it’s the generation gap between generation X/baby boomers and millennials that surfaces.

When I look at the ‘ultra hip’ centennial generation (people born somewhere around the turn of the century) somehow, this very generation gap kicks in and I transform into an annoying baby boomer.  

What bothers me the most is that this centennial generation is in such a hurry to grow up and embrace ‘adult’ life that perhaps all their actions, reek of pretentiousness.

How does this pretentiousness manifest itself?


Being a generation that has never seen a world without the internet, it’s perhaps hard for the C’s to let go of it.

I’m not denying the fact that millennials are also equally obsessed with social media, however, the centennials go overboard. 

A generation that has been using iPads since birth, couldn’t eat dinner without watching Peppa Pig are now constantly ‘Instagramming’ their lives.

Pictures with their ‘significant others’, public birthday posts that start with ‘babe’ and end with ‘b*tch’ and social media rants about issues which they have half-assed knowledge of.

If this isn’t pretentiousness, I don’t know what is?

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The dating pool

Throughout school, people have many crushes. Some transform into relationships, while others remain unrequited. However, there is something about generation C and dating that is incomprehensible to me.

I’m 21 and single, much like most of my friends my age. How these guys have 6 boyfriends/girlfriends all till the age of 17, have ‘painful’ breakups and pretend like their lives are over, is beyond me.

Let alone the immaturity of a little crush that they call a ‘relationship’, they’re obsessed with documenting every intimate detail of their relationship with their significant others.

“Happy two months baby, I can’t imagine my life without you. Thanks for making school bearable”is something that we come across every alternate day.

Post-breakup scenes include the removal of all their Instagram posts while they share sentimental quotes on their social media. 

The centennials cry over 2- month- old breakups, while we millennials cry because we struggle to finish 5000 -word research papers. 

The party scene

15-16 is an age where we are all introduced to a preliminary form of ‘partying’. For this generation, however, the party scene begins with substances, be it alcohol, weed or cigarettes.

They’ve done everything.

Additionally, many of them have ‘hooked up’ and some even have semi-active sex lives. (I personally think 16 is a little too young).


While a lot of what the centennials do, annoys me but not all of it is their fault. They’ve been unfortunate to have been born in an age, where there are so many distractions and self-established social pressures to live up to.

They’ve barely had a childhood. They don’t know the struggle of waiting for Powerpuff Girls to come on TV every evening, they have Netflix and what do they watch? Riverdale.

They’ve hardly been outside to play chor-police, rather prefer to stay in and play PUBG.

They’ve never had a birthday party at McDonald’s where we played ‘who picks up the maximum straws’, rather, they have ‘house parties’.

They have this incessant need to grow up. They want to be adults as soon as possible.

Well, whatever their reasons are for portraying such behaviour, there’s only one thing I’d like to say, if given a choice I’d be 15, all over again.

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