Richard Branson, the billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Airlines, is all set to launch Hyperloop One in India in the next 6 to 7 years.

Being Indians, traffic jams are the most familiar sights of our daily lives and it certainly needs improvement of every sort possible.

Hyperloop One is a high speed transportation system that will allow travel time reductions with vacuum pod travel technology.

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Richard and Co’s Hyperloop is an identical version of the system planned by entrepreneur and innovator Elon Musk who is currently developing the underground hyperloop system in Los Angeles, USA.

But for India, this would be a big step towards worldwide technological advancement. And an entrepreneur like Richard Branson to take interest and solve India’s traffic problem, nothing can be better than that.

Not only will the vacuum pod transport system decrease travel time, but this whole new industry will create jobs for the Indian public and connect people better. 

Image Source: Google Images

Sources: The Hindu Business Line, Economic Times, Virgin

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