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Kumbh 2019 is the one being held at Prayagraj (don’t think much, it’s not an alien place, it’s Allahabad’s new name, thanks to Yogi Ji).

My parents and I are highly spiritual and so I have attended Kumbh in various places. It was the 4th time I was witnessing arguably the world’s largest religious gathering and it’s the second instance when I am witnessing it at Allahabad.

I had gone to Allahabad when it was legally ALLAHABAD and not Prayagraj. This was in the year 2007. I was a cute, little 8-year-old child who was very much excited about going to THE KUMBH. I wasn’t aware of the Bollywood concept of ‘Kumbh mein Bhai bichadna’.

Things have changed since then.

The Name Of The City

The name of the city has definitely changed. From the kid who took pains to read ‘Allahabad’ in Hindi to the girl who was trying to find ‘Allahabad’ written instead of ‘Prayagraj’, both I and the city grew.

The slight difference is that I am still Anjali but political parents of Allahabad got its name changed to Prayagraj.

No doubt some 500 years back Allahabad was Prayagraj and it’s just a method of giving it back its old glory, but in the same course, I felt a bit disconnected to my memories. I had memories of Allahabad, not Prayagraj. Quite philosophical.

Sanitation And Cleanliness

The memories of my last visit to Triveni Sangam still haunt me. For those who don’t know, Triveni Sangam is the confluence of river Ganga, Yamuna and mythical river Saraswati.

Last time I was dying due to the foul smell there. Bathing there would have been equivalent to winning a battle which we chose not to fight.

This time the scenario was entirely different. The level of sanitation and cleanliness, both on land and in water, was unbelievable and commendable.

The roads outside the station were so clean and so was the city; the Mela Kshetra had the same view. Dustbins and portable toilets were not only present at places of a tourist attraction but at every place to ensure easy accessibility.

Railway station cannot be better I tell you. It was so neat and clean that my eyes comically popped out of the socket out of surprise and a pinch of shock.

Belonging from Uttar Pradesh, this sight was somewhat unbelievable for me.

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Transportation Facility And Ground Staff

The transportation facility from Jhunsi, i.e. the place on the outskirts of the city where the Kumbh Mela is organized, is very cumbersome. I had to wait 20 minutes to get an auto.

Cars aren’t a feasible option because they are sure to get stuck in long traffic jams and would leave you miles away from the place you want to go, ‘coz ‘parking problems’.

As far as ground police staff is concerned, they were really very helpful and friendly. Ignoring a bitter-sweet incident, everything was very well managed. A salute to the UP Police for such wonderful management.

The Kumbh

Coming to the main event, Kumbh is arguably the world’s largest religious gathering and I am glad that I got the golden opportunity to attend it.

If I compare my past experience here as well, the mental peace and spiritual ambience of the Mela Kshetra were same as before. It was relaxing. But taking a look at the facilities, the government has nicely utilized the money allotted to them.

There were adequate provisions for electricity and water supply, which would have been difficult for the very basic reason that it is a secluded area on outskirts of the city which is chosen as the venue.

Apart from this, the lavish ‘Pandals’ of the saints were worth having a look. Their theme was based on cultural heritage and folk art. The place where I stayed was no less than a five-star hotel with all the facilities.

When you roam in the Mela Kshetra and the only thing you get to hear is the chanting of mantras that is the moment when you know where you are.

I had a great time at Kumbh if you want to enjoy the same, get your tickets booked and move ahead to the Kumbh Bhoomi Prayagraj.

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