The living room tends to be among the most essential rooms in the house. It should be embellished finely to host the lively sessions of fun and togetherness with family, friends and companions.

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Furnitures help in filling up a space usefully and decorate it too. Wall shelves fall in the category of such impeccable furniture which come in various styles and sorts according to taste of different individuals.

They pose as the perfect way to showcase your pictures, photo frames, books, artefacts, collections and even other items of furniture. Wall shelves tend to make any room a little better and more defined with art, style and love.

From contemporary and playful designs to antique ones, the wall shelves provide space and storage space for your room.

You can take your home décor up a notch with latest wall shelves design and show off whatever you wish to on the shelves which will be wall mounted. Here are the 4 latest wall shelves design you must consider for your home:

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#1. W-shaped wall shelf:

The W-shaped wall shelf will give your room a finish with a hue. You can add character and warmth to the room with such coasting wall shelf. Its accurate lines and edges complement any stylistic home theme.

It leaves the space of your room along with a pretty place to flaunt awards, workmanship and gifts. Its shape gives it a durability and catchy design. You can mount it vertically as well as on a plane. It also be hung near the stairs for a modern, acoustic feel.

#2. Round shelves:

Round shelves are made in a chic and contemporary design. They easily accent walls of the room with its decorative shelves.

It has storage space for books, vases and little decorative items. They are also known to adorn beautiful stickers on the wall to give it that classy finish.

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#3. Ferdinand Entertainment Unit Set 2:

This set of wall shelves holds tv cabinets for bedroom or any other room you would like to spruce up. It serves as a great way to utilize the space around the TV while personifying it and adding style and substance.

It is crafted distinctively and is multi-functional, with a lot of storage space along with display room. It can be an excellent setting for living rooms.

#4. Tolem wall shelf:

The Tolem wall shelf is a uniquely designed book rack, where you can also decide to showcase other items of decoration too. It has a tilted design which is not seen often and is durable and sturdy. It serves as a better way to take care of the books you love in a stylish manner.

Wall shelves are beautiful adornments of furniture that you can add to your rooms which do not take up unnecessary space and also help in storage.

You can choose between an array of designs today by going through the items that shops have to offer.

Select the one which complements the room you wish to put it in, the amount of space you want it to take up and also in contrast with the items you wish it to hold.

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